Peace, and I'm out!!!

Back in NYC and visiting my favorite Taco place.  Ummmmm... Tacos de Lengua!!!

Some break-ups leave you devastated, some make you skip for joy.  I've certainly experienced the gambit.

For the next few days we are disassembling our NYC store and shutting it down.  This is one of those breakups that makes me skip down the street.  I've tried to muster a little sadness.  That's the normal emotion to have, right? But... meh!

During this past Christmas we had four events going at the same time, and our flagship store in the Limelight Marketplace building was the only one dragging us down.   Jeff and I put so much into the store; so much beauty, craftsmanship, blood and sweat (literally), and some death-defying repelling to fix the signage on our balcony.... check out the video here.

I've been reflecting a lot on the store experience and realize it did one really important thing for me... I'm no longer afraid of paying stupid high rent prices, and so we're already scouting new locations, this time maybe a little closer to home, like Georgetown in Washington, DC.  But we want to regroup and do things slow and steady.

Our big new change for this year is the new 1200 sq ft workshop in DC.  There is so much awesomeness coming out of that shop now!  We are super excited for 2011.  Personally I can't wait to get back to the shop and continue work on the new guitar strap prototypes.  And a new unicorn t-shirt coming from Priscilla Wilson.

So to the Limelight Marketplace I say, "PEACE, AND I'M OUT!!!"