Where I think thoughts!

Since I was about 13 this has been one of my most favorite places to visit.  My best friends and I would walk down to the Unites States Capital at night, picking up some chips and sodas on the way.  We would talk about the basics; how to build homemade rockets, computer games, and girls... mostly girls.  Yeah, I'd say about a solid 80% of the time it was about girls.

Tonight I headed down to the Capital to clear my head and stave off boredom.  It sounds silly, but when you have so much occupying your thought all the time (product development, new designs, cash flow, design, contractors) the slower moments can feel like an eternity.  What do I do with myself!!!  So these walks clear my head, and give me time to think about that.  Of course the NEW basics always creep back into my head; marketing plan for the FREDFRED dog collars, guitar strap construction, the infinite regress argument as it relates to creation, and girls.  Mostly girls. Nice how simple things remain over time.

Also, now I like making peanut butter and fried banana sandwiches!