A Very Panoramic Engagement

I treated myself to a the new Sony panoramic camera and LOVE IT! I got it for two reasons... blogging and making my friends do dramatic poses for the camera.

Today we picked up and installed our new(ish) fridge that we got from Community Forklift, a thrift store type of place geared towards home building.  All their profits go to charity, and they have some really cool stuff!  We need to build out our little kitchenette area a little more, but it now has a microwave and toaster oven thanks to Mom and Dad, by way of Santa.

My first workshop in my parent's garage was so tiny.  I wanted so badly to have a little couch and mini-fridge so I could have a place of my own, but the space was more valuable for equipment.  Pride takes second place to drive.

About three years later I finally have those things and it was worth the wait and sacrifice.

Tonight we surprised Jeff (el presidente of the Jon Wye company, 2nd in from the left) with a low key engagement party.  Jenna (our creative director, 2nd in from the right) and Keith (our photographer, far right) spent all day cooking homemade fried chicken, hand cut fries, biscuits, and broccoli, one of the only veggies Jeff will eat.

Can you believe this is our brain-trust.