Success... or something like it!

Yesterday the online orders started coming in.  "Oh, wow, we're having a great day," I thought.  Then they kept on coming and the reality of it set in... "HOLY CRAP, I HAVE TO FILL THESE ORDERS NOW!" So I slept in the workshop again.  Notice my little nesting area; between two heaters that were blasting just to cut the chill of the night.  I fell asleep to Family Guy on Hulu.

Luckily I already purchased a tooth brush and toothpaste from my last overnight stay.

Had to give a Mommy shout-out.  This is me and my Momma, Jean.  I love this photo!  She called to check on me many times last night to make sure I was ok.  And right now she is taking a break from her own work as a General Contractor to help me with tagging T-shirts. We weren't expecting this kinda response at our shows this year, but we are all very happy.

It's because of my Mom, and other great women in my life, that I am drawn to very strong women.  I don't like too much fru-fru, and I love independence and intelligence.  My babysitters when I was growing up were whatever trade worker she sat me next to at one of her construction sites.  It could have been next to a plumber with a blowtorch or a electrician working on a circuit breaker.

Much love to Mom today!  Without her influence I wouldn't be braving my own course or even know how to use half the tools I work with on a daily basis.