Happy Birthday... Eh?!?

I just turned 31 on July 30th. The two highlights were the Zombie Survival Guide given to me by my best friend and photographer, Keith Lane, and my cousin Carol sent me this card. She knows me too well. See below.

When I was in my early 20's it was looking bleak for me, like this card could be my future. Handing out towels at a local gym and working day care were my jobs. Luckily my best friend Jacob, of 21 years now, yelled at me, "You have all this potential and all you do is sit on the couch and watch Star Trek." There are very few times I have known Jacob to yell in life. He is a very passive and kind person, so this yell was about 10 times more powerful than anyone else's. Jacob's berating of me was the known start of my business pursuits. I would start and stop many ideas before developing my brand, and there were some wonderful women in my life, each of whom contributed greatly to my next step, which would eventually wind up being belts and tees and whatever else I conjure.

So a few days after my 31st bday I look forward to what is next. And I thank everyone for supporting me along the way. I promise more amazing designs to come.