Lunch Times at the Jon Wye Studio

When it was just Jeff and I in the workshop everyday it wasn't a big deal to spend a little money on ourselves for lunch... Then we opened a store, added some employees, and an intern, and found ourselves spending way too much money treating the troops to lunch.

Thanks to our Lean Mean Grilling Machine we now make all our lunches.

We save money and it brings all the employees together for what we have deemed 'Family Time.'

Here is one of Jeff's amazing lunch time concoctions, and a favorite of the troops... Grilled Roast Beef with Havarti Cheese and Balsamic Viniger. AMAZING!!!!

Here is the stacking order for grilling:

1. Sourdough (lightly buttered on grilling side)
2. Roast Beef
3. Balsamic Viniger
4. Havarti Cheese
5. Sourdough (lightly buttered on grilling side)

The Balsamic makes brown spots in the bread but they are delicious!!!!