Blast from the Past - Introducing the Jon Wye Time Capsule

Blast from the Past - Jon Wye T-shirt Time Capsule

Great Scott! While Jon was trying to find Doc back in 1985 he came across bundle of his t-shirt time capsules. With so little space in the DeLorean Jon can't keep them all. Now is your chance to purchase a piece of Jon Wye t-shirt history and maybe even help find Doc.

*  *  *

Here's how the t-shirt time capsule works:

  • First, choose from either the small or large Men's or Women's bundle option.
  • Then select your t-shirt size.

Once chosen, we'll send you a random selection of t-shirts from Jon Wye's personal historical t-shirt archives.

Small Bundle: 3 t-shirts for $30

Large Bundle: 6 t-shirts for $50

Most of the Jon Wye t-shirts are limited prints and they are bound to go fast!

NO Returns
NO Exchanges
NO Requests

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