Round 1

This week Jeff and I spent some time in New York City at the new store installing some kick-butt custom furniture we had made for the shop. The old Limelight is coming back to life. My store is one of the bigger ones in the building, situated on the third floor balcony... one of the former V.I.P. sections in the Limelight nightclub. We just finished installing the new custom workbench/ checkout counter where customers' belts will be finished right in front of their eyes. Soooo much more to do, but I feel we're ahead of the curve!

Jeff and I (blue shirt) shooting the shit with Tim, the security guy/ everything guy for the site! He stayed late for us so we could keep working. We hooked him up with a yummy breakfast sandwich the next day.

View of the counter/ workbench and the two tall t-shirt racks. Women's designer T-shirts on the right, Men's designer T-shirts on the left.

Workbench again, and custom belt rack to display belts horizontally!

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