A little humor helps heal!

I have been updating my twitter and facebook recently as it's been hard to get out my thoughts about Fred in a coherent manner. But the long and the short of it is that Fred took a turn for the worst last week and passed on to his next stage of being. He inspired me to be more than a lump and is the namesake of his own dog collar line. I will have many more posts to chronicle his life and help remember him. For a few days after his death he had been visiting everyone in their dreams except me. He is gone but I was mad at him. Someone told me he was saving the best for last, and last night he finally came. Maybe sometime later I will share the dream, but it's enough to say that he was asking me to let him go. Fred and I were both strong willed beings, which is part of the reason we respected each other so much. We could both be so stubborn at times, but both knew when to give in for the other. This is a picture of one of Fred's favorite places... the benches on East Capitol St in DC, right outside the Library of Congress a few steps from the Capitol building. He loved to sit on the benches with me and just watch people go by. If we tried to walk past the benches he would protest and put up a fight. Half the time he won, whether or not I had a busy schedule that day, and we would sit and just be together. It's the second time I am showing this photo, but it is one of my favorites.

And if we were lucky the sprinklers would be going off at the Library of Congress and we would have the best time romping in it...

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