Camp-out with Fred

Today Fred is in recovery, but he needs to stay an extra day. I didn't go see him yesterday or today because I was worried about him seeing me and getting his hopes up, only to have me leave again. But since he needs to be there another day I am going to the hospital in about an hour to see him, and may end up sleeping there if need be.

When I first got him he had some kennel depression; locked in a cage at the shelter, being humped on by a smaller dog in his cage, and not caring. We both pulled each other out of a tough time in our lives and now I have to help pull him out of this one. I'll be there as long as need be, armed with his blanket.

I left my hat with him the other day so he would have something of mine to smell. The vet techs put the hat on him and took a picture. I love it! Even now he still makes me laugh. At the moment I am boiling him some rice and chicken to take with me on my visit.

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