A little more personal

For a while I've struggled with my blog.  Wondering if I should keep it professional or if I should open up a little more.  I think this blog post is the answer to that question... I just needed to shout out to people!  My life is my company and visa-versa.  Considering it's also my hobby, and I have a great time, the desire to share more of it compels me.  Also, who just wants to read a post about boring product updates.  Wouldn't you also like to hear about the crazy person behind the product updates.

Starting it off with a BANG!

Last night, Fred, my best friend, and the namesake of the FREDFRED dog collar line, went into surgery last night with a condition called Bloat.  If it wasn't for Jeff, my first employee and MVP, I wouldn't have known to take him in as quickly as we did.  Fred eats cat poop, drinks from the Koi pond, licks himself vigorously, tries to snag discarded chicken bones from the street (it's a DC thing) and no matter how 'out of it' he has been, he always pulls through with nothing more than a teaspoon of Pepto.  So usually I just take the 'wait and see' approach, which would have been fatal if not for Jeff knowing the signs.

Today Fred is in recovery...

A big THANK YOU to the doctors at Friendship Animal Hospital and the surgeon who came in late at night to perform the emergency operation. I hadn't cried that much in a long time. I am usually a bit of a rock. Even the passing of grandparents hasn't affected me as much. I was caught off guard. I never discuss Fred's age with people as I think it puts a timetable on things, and I still refuse to talk about it to anyone. However, I am realistic... I know things come to and end. But it's all about the 'how' and not the 'when'. And this was not the right time. I have a beautiful dream of how Fred will pass into his next life, and it is not on an operating table, it is surrounded by love and those closest to him... a gentle transition. And so a THANK YOU again to the doctors who kept that dream alive.

I've been told by the tech staff at Friendship Animal Hospital that despite the morphine and lidocaine Fred is refusing to lay down and instead is in a half awake drunken stupor leaning against his cage.  This is typical Fred behavior.  He refuses to lay down when things are happening around him.  They put a hat on him and took a picture of him with his tongue hanging out.  When I get it I promise to share!

Fred is alive because DC finally has a 24 hour emergency animal hospital, and soon we'll be having our strolls down to the capitol once more.

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