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RIP Kim Nutmeats

This past weekend Nikki and I were having lunch in the park with a friend of mine, and one of my artists, David William, and his friend Julia, and decided to try eatings acorns that were strewn about the park. They did not taste good! But through the crushing of acorns we came across one that looked like a Lego woman's head, complete with hair. To the acorn NUTMEAT and shell hair we drew a face and she became Kim Nutmeats. But when lunch was over so were her adventures. Now she rests peacefully in the earth.


This was her eulogy:

ALAS she was born in the autumn of life and died that same season. Her time was short, but she was touched by all of us. Though she never made it to Paris, she always dreamed of it, and kept that dream with her always, with her acorn red beret. Rest in Pease Kim Nutmeats.


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