Back from Seattle


Recently I took a trip out to Seattle for my Best Friend's wedding. Of course i was strip searched and interrogated, but it was all worth it when I saw this sign, which told me that indeed this was the area to recombobulate.


And what trip to Seattle wouldn't be complete without some pictures of the food at Pike Place Market.



Across from Pike Place Market there is a store/ restaurant that makes and sells cheese curds. They have yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.


And about a block down the street from Pike Place there is a crumpet shop, which I believe is called 'The Crumpet Shop' I think I am looking my best here.



This was just a bonus... a food cart/van in the shape of a pig. So awesome!

Next up we start prepping for Adam's Morgan Day Festival 2009 in Washington, DC, and Chicago's Renegade Craft Festival in... Chicago. It's going to be a whirlwind. And this year it looks like we will be showing our stuff at the Bryant Park Shops in NYC for all of November and December.

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