Recap of Chicago and the rest of the craziness!


This gentleman gets the prize for 'Most Creative Use of the Jon Wye Sticker" at the Halsted Market Days Festival this past weekend. It was another whirlwind trip.

Break it down with me. We left Friday at 3:45pm for Chicago, a 13 hour trip at best, and arrived at about 5:30 am Saturday morning. We drove straight through, and basically set up for the Halsted Market Days event right away. We were on our feet from 7:45am to midnight!

We couldn't get a hold of our friend, Andy ("Dumptruck"), and so stayed at the Super 8. Luckily there was a Mobile Gas station with a convenience store attached. It provided us with all the entertainment we could handle... drunk girls trying to buy more beer and an assortment of processed cheeses. We ended up with some cereal bowls and a milk jug. The cereal cartons didn't scan at the register so the night manager gave them to us for 50 cents each. It was the best treat at 1:00 am. We tried to stay awake for a movie, but Apprentice Jeff and I passed out!


A little pic of our booth setup. Pretty nice considering we were so far from home and had limited space in the van!


The streets were packed!!!


I believe these young men we're doing a type of mating dance!


It was hot day so the crowd needed misting.


And most importantly I enjoyed a delicious shrimp roll!


On the way back we carved out a narrow space in the van for a sleeping bag so that one of us could drive and one sleep. I didn't want to have to pay for another hotel room.

Next up... cleaning the workshop and designing a new booth! One step closer to a real store front.

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