Tales from the Road - HonFest and Bawlor

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I am deeming this year "The Year of the Big Push." And as such, Jeff and I are (and have been) doing a festival or craft show every weekend of the summer, and then some. From DC to Atlanta, NY, LA, San Fran, Chicago, Baltimore. Jeff is the new apprentice in the studio (formal introductions to come soon). Apprentice Heidi is still helping in the studio as well, but with working full time, grad school, and a BF her schedule has been a little crazy. Here's some of the new goings on.


Jeff (above) has a terrible sweet tooth. And when he heard of the mother of all ice cream at our Baltimore event, HonFest, he had to hunt one down. $5 buys you an ice cream sandwich that is over 8 inches wide and will make you sick!


When it was a little too much for him he enlisted the help of a customer.


Honfest had the most amazing people watching possible. All the ladies walk around in the "Hon Hair" all day long. The general Hon outfit is a beehive hairdo, gaudy purse and shoes, and some sort of leopard or zebra pattern clothing. Usually tight to the skin. Very tight. Sometimes way too much tight.


There was even a booth where you could get your own Hon Hair for free.


Yup, that is a doggy with a mini Hon Hair wig. How amazing is that?!?!


The day was even complete with a Hon pageant. All the girls had to say "Hi Hon" to the judges in their best Bawlmor accent. Here's a little more info on HonFest


Another satisfied customer of the new FredFred dog collar line.

dog chair

This buddy might not own a FredFred dog collar yet, BUT this was so awesome I just had to share. I think his owner loves him very much, and when I met him he seemed like a happy puppy. BTW, I think all dogs are puppies. There is no reason to think old age on your best friend!

More Recaps to come soon.

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