Two shows - one weekend!

This past weekend of May 30-31 was brutal. It was the first time I did two major events at once, the ICE (Indie Craft Experience) Show in Atlanta, GA and Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, MD. Two booth setups, two crews, and a lot of favors owed. While Apprentice Jeff and I headed to ATL, Apprentice Heidi and Ryan did the Maryland show.

Because of my lack of thinking skills i neglected to pack a camera, but luckily Heidi is a photo nut and snapped some great pics of the Handmade Mart show.


This is Guappo. Guappo is people. He ran around until he found us so he could show off his new collar. Guappo got one of the first FredFred Sparrow collars. They will be available online soon.


Check out this little cutie and future pirate chef!


Ryan is very proud of himself for collapsing the entire booth display into one rollable setup. Very well done!

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