Now you may truely BEHOLD the NEW cuffs!


A little tease of the new wrist cuff designs coming out.

And as for those new belts I promised... well, I promise again they will be up soon. I won't be able to get them up as VR belts until the summer season is over, but I will throw them up in a special "NEW belts" section with some old school 2D photos.

Upcoming shows (I'll remind again as we get closer to them):

1. Counter Culture Festival in Vienna, VA - MAY 24

2. Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta, GA - MAY 30-31

3. Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, MD - May 31

4. Custer's Last Stand Fair in Chicago, IL - June 20-21

5. Renegade Craft in Los Angeles, CA - July 11-12

6. Renegade Craft in San Francisco, CA - July 18-19

7. Halsted Festival in Chicago, IL - August 1-2

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