WOW, have I been blog absent or what!?!


BEHOLD!!! Yup, not really much to "BEHOLD" about... yet! It's the schematic drawing for a new wrist cuff i am developing. It is sans major measurements to protect against other designer pirates from snatching my brain mojo. It is a three part cuff that when assembled will fit almost any wrist, from super tiny wrists to massive biker dude wrists. The cuff has a unique banding system that allows it to be trimmed according to wrist size and still fit as if nothing was trimmed off... hand to explain, but trust me, it's cool. It will come in lots of basic colors and also some new cool patterns and scenes.

OK... NOW YOU CAN BEHOLD IT... again, only sort of. Below is the prototype cuff that i made and then did the schematic for.


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