Another satisfied customer... friend

This past weekend was the Co-Ed bike polo tournament in DC. I am usually involved in some form or another, whether it's making t-shirts or sponsoring. This year I helped make their event t-shirts, but couldn't' make the event. Luckily one of the participants, and a new friend of mine, stopped by with good friend Ryan Dudek (another bike polo enthusiast) to pick up some new belts. Below is Andy "Dump Truck" Golding holding his new 'Zombies in the Wild West' and 'Wavy Stripe' belts. And Ryan is seen sleeping in the director's chair. I was just going to ship the belts to him, but we decided to push through and make the belts that night. I think we started at 11pm and ended at 2:30am... the new protective coating on the belts needs time to dry. We passed the time by watching Lonely Planet skits on youtube.

If all goes well, and I get into the Renegade Craft Event in Chicago I will be crashing with Dump Truck. I am sure hilarity will ensue.


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