NEW Shop... sort of


For those of you who have visited my studio, or as I like to call it, the Funktory (Fun Factory), you will remember the extremely tight quarters. Well, got rid of the exercise equipment, superfluous boxes, and piles of wood.... there is always a project. But now my studio space is doubled and i have spread out a bit.


And soon i wil have an actual t-shirt rack out permanently so that I can actually show the t-shirts when people come by, instead of rummaging through boxes.

Just last night I also won some ebay auctions that will be providing me with new rubber flooring. Ohhhhh... anti-fatigue mats.


And the space is now big enough that Fred (wonder dog) can actually come in and hang with me in the Studio.

Oh happy day! Keep on buying and I will keep on making... and expanding... and something something... take over the world Pinky!

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