Tales from the Philly Tattoo Convention


As you may have noticed my semi-official mascot for my website is a purple sea monster, so it's no surprise that I couldn't stop staring at this girl's amazing tentacle tattoos. She said it was eventually going to go all the way down her body and it clearly covered most of her chest. Though I was tempted I didn't ask to see the booby area. The tattoo work was done by artist Jeff Gogue.


This is Ryan, my tattooed bike polo friend, who is super cool of the coolest. He convinced me that I should do the show and I'm really glad I did.


We spent most of our down time, of which there wasn't much, discussing our survival plans for the INEVITABLE zombie Apocalypse. Ryan helped make everything way more valuable.


This is Jen, Ryan's super girlfriend. She came up with me to Philly ahead of Ryan (he had to work) and helped me set up and was an all around bad ass. We had a lot of fun 'borrowing' linen carts and such to transport the t-shirt to the convention. Note: linen carts were returned safely.

More Tales of the Philly Tattoo Convention tomorrow.

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