Happy Friday the 13th!

I don't know about you, but today has been lucky for me and scary-free... so far! I started the day with a visit from Andrea who came by the studio to buy a belt. She had 1 million questions for me, and I loved it! It's always exciting for me when someone becomes interested in what I am trying to accomplish. And i got to pick her brain about environmental issues. Now I understand more why my car doesn't run on vegetable oil. Sorry no photos of the visit. We got wrapped up in the conversation.

But last night Ryan, Jen, Patrick and I decorated ZOMBIE cookies in preparation for tonight's marathon run of video game zombie killing and planning for the inevitable zombie Apocalypse! Do you have a plan?


And of course to make a proper zombie cookie you need to have the right base of zombie blue skin tone. We also had zombie green for diversity.



And this is Ryan (left) and Patrick (right) decorating. Patrick is currently making a video for me to put on the homepage, a little "This is me, and this is how I make belts" kind of video. And Ryan is a bike polo player whose events I have had the privilege of sponsoring over the last few years. I think bike polo is one of my most favorite sports to watch. Almost as good as Sci-Fi... wait, is Sci-Fi a sport?


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