A fun weekend with T-shirts

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the 'Krafts and Kisses' event this past Sunday.  I hope your loved ones enjoy their fancy JonWye gifts for Valentine's Day.  Sorry I didn't bring belts this time.  I am gearing up for the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention (Feb 27, Feb 28, March 1).

From the Krafts and Kisses event:

Heidi and I started out the day with some lazy chit chat in the kitchen.  Heidi (Apprentice) tried to entice me with the gift of Red Bull, but I actually had over 7 hours of sleep, which is practically a coma for me, considering I pretty much work all the time!

The event marked the one year anniversary of meeting Heidi.  Last year my girlfriend, Nikki, and I worked the Krafts and Kisses event when a new-to-the-city Heidi sauntered in with some friends ogling the line.  Shame on her for not buying anything, but her friend Sean bought my Hi-Karate belt.  Through a series of novel-worthy enounters we fast forward to this year and Heidi is now the first JonWye apprentice and her good friend Sean helps me with web development.  Yeah for anniversaries!


So we lazily packed up the car and headed over to the event, and I will let Heidi's blog take it from here.  Generally when I finish with an event i can hardly remember the day... such a blur.

(From Heidi) Box lugging, tshirt hanging, and we're ready to rock. The space was itty-bitty to begin with. And in a quest to keep the shirts in an orderly fashion, we had the company of all of the bins of tshirts with us in our 4-foot section. As a result we were sort of wedged behind the shirt rack on top of the bins for most of the day. Periodically the T-shirts would part like curtains being pulled to reveal a patron inquiring about a shirt. It actually lended itself to a cozy space to knit and hang out while inspecting the various shoes passing by.


I was able to make significant progress on the secret puple project whilst chillin in the tshirt cave. So this was my other view for most of the day.

knit knit knit knit knit [...] turn, knit knit knit knit...


Without the belts, it was a pretty easy day. It's always fun when people recognize the brand, behind the shirts we hear "hey! it's the belt guy ... [tshirt curtain opens] ... look! I'm wearing your belt! I love this thing! It hardly ever leaves my person." That always makes for a happy Jon.


We all know that yarn is one thing that makes for a happy Heidi. With our booth strategically placed kitty-corner to Woolarina (a boutique yard marker) - to which I happen to have a gift certificate for (thanks Jonathon!)...danger! danger! Some ogling and fondling had to take place, naturally, then I made my selections of two skeins in a grayscale, two superwash merino in a pea green/mustardy kind of colorway, and one beautiful superwash merino in a denim-type blend of colors. Yarn-gasm!


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