(From Apprentice Heidi) Twensday vs. t-shirt inventory and tagging

Twensday plus a few days.
An unfortunate side effect of my classes this semester is that they push Twensday to Thursday-Friday. I almost want to change my schedule around because there's no cool way of combining Thursday and Friday. Thriday? Lame. But I digress. This week's Jon Wye work party consisted of some very domestic activities. Sorting and folding tshirts and sewing. I took care of the inventory. Don't let the website fool you, there are bins upon bins of shirts from years past as well as new creations. Each rifled through to no end, needing to be sorted, sized, counted, and folded.


Meanwhile Jon played seamstress. The photo doesn't show that he's actually sewing tags onto about 100 shirts....that's a lot of sewing.


We took a brief break so that I could snap out of my moody moodiness with a little liquid happiness (also known as red bull). Earlier I was intimidated by the sidewalks, with their slick layer of fall-on-ass inducing ice. But later at night they became our own little skating rink. Fred even tried to participate in the icecapades before deciding that he liked brick better.


An interesting class that I took in undergrad was called Consumer Behavior. Knowing that I wasn't taking the class with the intention of using my knowledge to swindle people out of their money, I embraced it as a study in sociology of sorts. A big part of the class was observing and analyzing people shopping. I kind of wish I had tonight's experience to reflect on when I was in the class. I left Jon alone for THIRTY SECONDS, and I came around the corner to the aisle he was in to find his arms chock-full of carbohydrates. I count: hot dog buns, a loaf of bread, blueberry bagels, and sandwich buns (plus peanut butter, jelly and two cans of red bull).



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