Whursday and other such things

Generally speaking Twensday (Tuesday blurred into Wednesday) is the day that apprentice Heidi and I stay up all night working on Jon Wye brand projects. But when Heidi's schedule is full (she works full time, goes to school, and somehow wants to help me expand the brand in her few moments of free time) we sometimes push it till Whursday, which is Wednesday and Thursday blurred together.

These are some photos from two Whursday's ago. We spent most of the night pinning Jon Wye tags onto new t-shirt designs... which are now on the website BTW. So now i have a few hundred shirts prepped and ready for my seamstress to come over and sew them on. Yes, I now hire a seamstress! She comes over in the morning. Sews tags all day and then we stop and have a lunch break together. She gets 50 cents a shirt, and she is so fast that by the end of 7 hours she usually walks out with about $150. I don't run a sweatshop here! I'll have a little profile of her up the next time she comes over.

I had to run off and work on some online belt orders, and when I came back Heidi was asleep on the couch with a note that said, "will return at 3:00"

Also, for those of you that followed my journey to Cleveland to buy a used riveting machine here is a photo of one of the two I bought. This one was from 1951!!! Over the years people have retooled it, and coupled with a few major dings, it looks like it is going to the scarp yard. But the second riveter I bought works better than I could have imagined!!! I feel really lucky, because usually these machines cost about $6000 with all the safety features, and i still only paid $275.

And here is an image of my first ever 1/2" wide dog collar. I am getting ready to launch them on the site soon. One awesome customer put in a special request for the smaller collars, which lite a fire under me, and so I finished the process for the 1/2" collars ahead of schedule. I must say, I really do enjoy making things myself. And I especially love that I am making products that are comparable, and sometimes better than, many other bigger brands out there.

Remember to check out the new shirts... they are definitely the HOTNESS!

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