(From Apprentice Heidi) Photoshoot Whursday

This week's Whursday (a blurring of Wednesday and Thursday) we planned to do a photo shoot to update the t-shirt section of the website. First we scouted out some locations. Jon had a stroke of genius, suggesting the roof. So we took a little trip up to check it out.

The view was beautiful; a little Mary Poppinsesque.

Out to the West you could see the Library of Congress and the Capitol.

Even the intersection looked pretty cool. Only problem was that it was about twenty degrees and dropping as we approached the later hours of the night. So we took a field trip out to G Street fabrics to find a backdrop.

Jon had fun fondling the fabric. I didn't mock because I knew the next stop was the craft store in which I would surely be fondling some yarn.

So we tried out a few to see what would photograph well and got our model juices flowing.

I fell in love with this one.

Work it. Oh yea, I think this one is the winner.

Now that that was decided, it was time to go play with some more fiber.

I'm keeping my lips sealed (or my pixels white?) on this super fun project. It's going to take a while, but it's going to be GOOD!

We filled our stomachs with delicious Peruvian chicken and potato things (oh my god, they're incredible) and finally made our way back to the house to get crackin. 1 Z-rack, 3 florescent lights, 2 pieces of white paper and tape, 2 clamps, some cloth, and a box of firewood became our little photo studio. Here is a sampling of some of the shots...

Men's Fighting Rooster T-shirt


Men's Skull T-Shirt 3218200989_413c977c48
Women's Forbidden Love T-shirt - Lime 3218211265_781ec93999

Phlogiston T-shirt

Women's Charcoal Owl T-shirt3219048956_ae5b5e9ee3

Men's Hi-Karate T-shirt 3218223401_9b1a36bca6

Richie Rich Skater Kid 3218255183_4635cf23b8

Women's Peace Doves 3219058076_2c25866b23

Women's Warhol Homage - White Print 3219071726_d8031dd8dc

Women's Love Birds 3219099620_b58e691123

Men's Octopus-Boy T-shirt 3219104470_e1ec47b176


5:30am : the new Washington, DC shirts! It was a bit challenging to both balance on the firewood (ok, I had a problem clicking the camera, running over, jumping up on the wood and balancing; Jon was the solid tree that I clung on to trying not to fall before the "snap")

Women's Washington, DC Men's Washington, DC T-Shirt

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