Fun with the Obama's


As i mentioned in my last post one of my bestest friends procured some extra tickets to the Youth Inaugural Ball. (I really need to update my blog more regularly... consider that a promise) It was an absolute blast and worth waiting in the DC cold for hours to see President Obama for 5 minutes. It's true, he shows up, says a few words, does a dance with is wife, and then out the door!

Luckily my Nikki had some hand warms that we put on Elise's feet. It was cold in that line.


Here's a good group shot. From left to right... Elise, Nikki, Me, Brian, Ericka, Adam


As our entertainment for the evening we saw performances from Kanya West, Kid Rock, and Fallout Boy. And Ashton Kutcher and Usher made an appearance, but ONLY for the MTV cameras. So for those who saw it on TV, those fools didn't participate one bit. They just wanted camera time. I must say that I was way better dressed than either of them. I can safely say I was the only one at the event n a silver gray Pierre Cardin Tuxedo.

Here's a good posed picture of Nikki and I. The purse isn't mine, but Elise lent it to me for the photo. We were going for a kind of Bohemian New York look, circa Andy Warhol and the Factory. Doesn't Nikki look cute!


And this is Elise accosting Nikki because of her tiny waist.


Despite the bitter cold it was an amazing evening. We were all lucky to be a part of the festivities which honored our new president. Whatever your political affiliations are it is amazing that we transfer power from one person to another without violence. And I remember saying the same thing when President Bush was elected into office. It is just proof that our great experiment in democracy still works.

It also makes me think about the Secret Service. They are less protecting the man, and more protecting the office of the Presidency. There is something so noble in that job. They are protecting more than a man, they are protecting the ideal. That no matter who is in office, whether they like them or not, they are protecting what the presidency stands for, which is a freely elected leader by its people.

More new belt and t-shirt updates tomorrow. DC is still a buzz with political chatter.

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