Well Cinderella, we've got to get you ready for the Ball

Looks like I will be attending the Youth Inaugural Ball the coming Tuesday thanks to a good friend with some extra tickets. It's the official Youth Ball so Mr. Obama will be showing up himself and I, along with a thousand others, will pretend we are hobknobing with celebs. If there are any Jon Wye fans out there make sure to say hi. You can't miss me, I will be a wearing a silver grey Pierre Cardin tuxedo.

Here are some photos of Nikki and I out shopping for the event. Ok, actually it was just Nikki shopping. I came along because I was promised McDonalds. This time I was a piggy and got two little cheeseburgers and TWO pies. It's two pies for a dollar. If there are any McDonalds people out there I think I might need to be your spokesperson

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