Whirlwind Week

Sorry for the recent absence in updates, but I think this one will make up for it.

This past Wednesday night at 5pm I rented a cargo van and drove up to Ohio to purchase a riveting machine.


In the few moments of down time I had after the holidays I was puttering around the internet looking up my wish list of items that I would love to have in my workshop. I came across this used industrial machinery supply place in Ohio that just happened to get in a batch of used riveting machines from a defunct company.

Surely the price was wrong... $75 for one... $199 for the other! Normally these machine cost about $5000 to $6000 new or refurbished. Even if they needed some TLC, and I would have to repair them, it was still an amazing deal.

So, Wednesday I was off to Ohio in my Enterprise cargo van. I arrived at my cousins home in Ohio at about midnight, and only had about 30 minutes to visit with the family before Aunt Pearl and Uncle Jerry started to get blinky eyed. But it was great to see them. They own and work a small milking farm in North Lima, Ohio. Growing up my family spent almost every Christmas there. And when I first walked in the door that amazingly cozy farm house smell hit me and it was the warmest blanket after a long road trip.

The next day i got up before Uncle Jerry, which is pretty impressive - waking up before a farmer, and headed off to Cleveland, OH to pick up my new toys. The facility is 12 acres! 12 ACRES!!! Here's a little Google satellite photo for ya.


It was like being in a candy shop, but I had to hit the road and get the rental car home by 6pm.


After a few hours on the road I decided I needed a little McDonalds break. I pretty much find almost any excuse to treat myself to McDonald's little cheeseburgers.




And I treated myself to a BAKED apple pie. It as well was quite yummy!

After another 4+ hours of driving I started to get a little tired and broke out the emergency Red Bull, which got me home safe and sound.


Now the journey begins trying to find a place in my already crowded workshop to fit the two new riveters. More updates on their integrations into the workshop to come.

And i just had to share this. First of all this has nothing to do with the McDonalds, just so we are clear.


I made a good ol'fashioned #2 stop at the Gateway Plaza, in Breezewood It's a family traveling tradition to stop at the Gateway Plaza.


And during my #2 stop the darn toilet kept flushing on me every few seconds. So I had to raise my bum up in the air to keep from feeling like I was on a water park ride. I love technology... love it. But there is nothing worse than the infrared sensor on a sit-down toilet going bonkers on you.

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