Enjoying the Post Christmas Slowdown

I'm sitting here at a cafe' on Capitol Hill (DC) having a cane sugar cola and tea with my friend, Matt VanWingen, and waxing on the Christmas season.

It has been a crazy busy Christmas season. I basically worked nonstop from December 1st right up till Dec 25th with little to no sleep all month. I actually hand delivered a few local packages on Christmas day. I did not want to be the one to ruin Christmas with missed packages.

Now I get to rest and have some down time. I've been clicking through about 12 hours of TV on the TiVo and sleeping extra long to recover. And Fred (dog - best buddy) has been happy to have me back in the house.

Slowly but surely I have been cleaning the studio, doing a little maintenance on the leather machines, and of course the most fun... Inventory! ;)

And to everyone who ordered this holiday season, thank you very much for your support. You made a choice to support a local entrepreneur and it means a lot to me. Other chain stores might not be making 'as much' as they would like, but still posting a profit. For me, your support is a life line and means that I can continue to grow and create more fun things for next year.

Merry Christmas Recovery and a happy new year!

And a special thanks to the family that brought me hot chocolate while I was standing outside in the bitter cold selling my line at DC's Downtown Holiday Market.

More new and amazing designs coming in the new year!!!

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