Hurray for Twensday!

Twensday (our weekly all-nighter of blurring Tuesday and Wednesday) was spent doing super-fun-times t-shirt inventory with intern Heidi.

We managed to get all of the existing designs, and the new up-and-coming designs, tallied in just a few hours, a task I thought would take a lot longer. And started the restocking process for the holidays.

After a successful late night inventory session we treated ourselves to my secret stash of Space Ice Cream. When my sister and I were little my dad would always ask us what we wanted to do after church on Sundays. My response was ALWAYS the Air and Space Museum. My sister was too young to know that she didn't care for it as much as I did, but got excited to go because i was always excited. The trip always culminated in buying some Space Ice Cream. It does a weird thing to your mouth, like eating too many Sour Patch Kids, but it is so yummy.

With inventory finished we turned our attention to scripting the upcoming intro video that will don the homepage. Just a little "hey, this is who i am" kind of video. But about 30 minutes into the brainstorming session Heidi passed out with Fred and I kept going. I might have been awake (most of the time), but a lot of it was spent starring at a sparse screen. We learned that brainstorming should happen in the early evening and manual labor late at night.

As is the tradition with Twensdays we made ourselves a delicious homemade breakfast. We've been having banana pancakes for the past few weeks, but this time we decided to change it up with blueberry waffles. Check out that old waffle maker. I think it's been around as long as I have.

The first batch of waffles stuck to the waffle maker because i forgot to implement the first rule of fruit-in-waffle waffle making procedures: Batter, then fruit, then batter. If you don't put a little batter over the fruit it will stick to the pan. A little trick i learned while practicing on Nikki's new waffle maker.

And don't forget I do have a waffle belt buckle for sale!

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