And now Dog Collars

Just when we finish one task, the new '360 Degree Belts,' I go and punish myself with another ambitious project... Soon will launch with a new line of Dog Collars to complement the Jon Wye brand. Fred is the adorable puppy above who looks very sleepy because it is about 5am in this photo and Fred would rather it be bed time. Don't worry, they will be available here as well.

This is our makeshift VR lighting setup for the Dog Collars. We were trying to avoid setting up the lighting dome. It's a monster! It takes a full day to setup, and the breakdown is just as painful. But the dog collar lighting setup wasn't cutting it so we need to find a permanent home for the lighting dome so we can do it right!

Me getting a store order ready for the Denim Bar, an upscale denim boutique in Virginia that will offer you a beer and a consultation at their actual bar if they think you might be a real denim fanatic!

At the end of our all night work session, an event we now call Twensday (Tuesday and Wednesday blurred together), Heidi decided i needed a JonWye Facebook profile. So if you wanna be my friend on Facebook do a search for 'Jon Wye'... with that name I've got to be the only one that will show up.

Ummmm... Yummy banana pancakes. This is a new Twensday tradition; breakfast food, usually banana pancakes, followed by a iTunes movie rental. After the all night work session Heidi puts in a full day of work, then grad classes at the Corcoran School of Art. Me... I sleep till about 1pm. Then get up and fill the wonderful t-shirt and belt orders that came in during the night. Thank you to everyone that supports the brand!!! I LOVE YOU WASHINGTON, DC!

Oh and that thing pooping out pancake batter in the photo is a pancake batter dispenser... so awesome! Nikki got it for me for my Birthday!

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