360 Degree View (VR) belts launched

It was 4:20ish in the A.M. when i finished adding the VR belts to the website. I still need to do some tweaking but the long wait is over. So much programming, designing, blah blah blah went into it. I can't quite think straight right now as I have yet to brush my teeth and head to bed. BTW, dental hygiene is very important. No matter how tired you are, you should always brush your teeth before bed time.

I do have to mention the absolutely horrible infomercials that come on TV late at night. I had the TV on for some background noise, as Fred was fast asleep and wasn't much for conversation, and for an hour or so i learned about a male enhancement pill and a spinning hair iron. It makes me feel good about what i am doing... designing and selling items of actual practical and artistic merit.

May God bless and look out for the poor souls that decide late at night that they need to order "Master Tai's: How to Defend Yourself Against Weapons" video... oh wait that was me in college. Well, God bless everyone then. I will now commence sleeping until whenever the heck i wake up.

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