Design Party

Last night was another all night brainstorming session. Heidi and I were trying to finalize the layout for the remaining "coming soon" pages on the website. It's amazing how mentally taxing a good brainstorming session can be.

Think of it like wanting to bake cookies in a auto repair shop. You have to completely re-tool the shop to be able to make cookies. That's kinda the way it is with brain storming. You have to re-tool your mind away from the other stuff you have been focusing on (in my case making hundreds of belts) and get into a thinking and problem-solving state of mind.

And we started work on the holiday promo handout cards... each one will have a fun papercraft image/project on the back. Perfect for putting next to your desk or using as an ornament.

Oh memories... I just found this last night. It is the birth of my brand logo. I spent all day meticulously writing out my signature over and over and over again until i realized it was one of the very first practice attempts that was the winner. A brand was born!

Fred, ever the patient dog, was helpin us design the websites as well. I'm writing this in the AM on Nov. 4th. After Fred's walk it's voting time. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!

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