• The Comings of 2015


    - Buy laser cutter and do kick-ass laser engraved designs in leather.

    - Make a sweater, an ugly xmas-style sweater, but the best made one out there. Put cat butts on it.

    - Make Moleskine notebook leather covers.

    - Make more stuff with cat butts on it.

    - Design t-shirts to save the world. Be delusional that it mattered.

    - Finally finish camera strap designs.

    - etc., etc., etc.



    Upcoming Catt Butt and Pirate Chef sweaters, not sweat-shirts. This will be our first Kickstarter (we don't plan to bombard you). Let us know if you want in on this new woven wonder.



     UV color change shirt to save the world.


    IMG_8564 IMG_8566


    Prototyping for new leather Moleskine covers.

    New apron coming soon.



    Test of our new t-shirt tagging pattern.

  • Keeping it Fresh

    I've been at this for 10 years now, starting in 2004. The chin beard (what I called the Bass Player) and long hair finally left me so we needed some updated photos to go with the new updated website.

    My best bud and K9 Fred My best bud and K9, Fred, circa 2006


    Jon Wye and Jeff Ball, 2014 Jon Wye and Jeff Ball, 2014


    I think Jeff looks like Batman. Michael Keaton Batman. I think Jeff looks like Batman. Michael Keaton Batman.


    Goofing around during the photo shoot. I love America. I don't love cigarettes. Just for show, Mom. Goofing around during the photo shoot. I love America. I don't love cigarettes. Just for show, Mom.


    Special thanks to Robb Hohmann for the awesome photos. Check him out at Robb Hohmann Photography.

  • NEW Black Snaps!

    black snaps - Jon Wye


    New alternate black snaps.  They will be available online in a few days. Thanks again to our amazing artist, David William (aka d.billy), for the kick-ass snap design.

  • NEW DC Inspired Snaps Have Arrived!



    New DC Flag inspired snaps are in and we just shipped out the first belt to get the new fanciness. From now on all belts ordered with snaps will get the new custom designed ones.

    The new snaps are also a lot stronger. We done designed the technicals with a smart engineer named Bill who made a custom stud component to fit the parallel springs tighter. This probably makes no sense to you. It shouldn't. If I didn't make belts I would not want to clog my brain with this information. It's a curse. They work well and that's all that needs to be known.

  • Operation JonWye Snaps. Awwwwe SNAP!

    I'm a child of the 80's so you get to hear me say Awwwwe SNAP!

    We just got the samples of the caps to our snaps. They look rough, but the important part is that the stamp created to make these turned our beautifully.  Soon they'll be mounted and plated.

    snap tops

  • NEW Snaps Coming Soon!

    Check out our new custom made snaps designed by my buddy d.billy.  In the beginning we had a custom snap made in China. The quality was pretty good but we didn't think the closure was tight enough. So, for many years we went back to generic snap components UNTIL I found a snap company in the USA that makes their components in Connecticut. I was so excited! USA MADE SNAPS! Do you know how hard it is to find a USA company that makes tiny metal parts for cheap? It's hard. It took years of searching to get our rivets made in the USA. And now all our small metal parts are USA made.

    Take a look. Does it remind you of anything? Not Captain America. It's a stylized version of the DC flag. BAM!

    Custom Snaps for Jon Wye Belts. Custom Snaps for Jon Wye Belts.

    It's been a long time coming but Dan Snyder finally agreed to change the name of the Washington Redskins. NOT!

    That is what is happening in an alternate universe where people are rational and empathetic to the feelings of other peoples.

    When a people have been forcefully relegated to popular-culture obscurity they no longer have the gavitas to sway public opinion.

    Would we think it was ok to have a Football team called the Washington Yellowskins complete with a PROUD and NOBLE photo of a Chinese person?

    Would it be ok to have a football team called the Washington Brownskins complete with a PROUD and NOBLE photo of a African person?

    If you are still arguing against my point of view just look what I did... I changed the color and the nationality and noted the depiction would be one of honor, but those examples probably make your stomach turn.

    photo (1)

  • Your kid's stupid art on a belt!

    We just launched the new Custom Belts section and I am super excited.  Jeff and I have been talking about this for years but just brought in some new equipment that allows us to make the pricing competitive with other graphic belt companies, of which there are none.

    Here's the breakdown on all the Custom Belt options:

    1. Amateur: You have most of the art done or a folder of photos and designs you want to see on a belt.  We help you to collage it and put it all together and make an amazing belt. If we have to spend more than 30 minutes working on your file there will be additional fees. $95 for the first belt and $65 for each additional belt. 1-3 weeks.

    2. Professional:  You are a very skilled artist who can speak the language of Photoshop, DPI, resolutions, and file formats.  We will help you find the right sizing for your belt/canvas and you email us the final product.  $65. 1-2 weeks.

    3. A Custom Belt from Your Kids: Your kid drew a picture of a boat, which you thought as a spaceship.  Either way you love and want to wear it to work as a reminder that there is life outside of your soul-sucking job.  We send you a few sheets of art paper cut to the size of your belt and you have your kid draw something amazing on it... drawing, painting, finger painting, crayons, dirt, mud, etc.  Send it back to us and we will turn it into a belt.  Perfect for Father's Day,  Mother's Day, or any holiday where you will pretend to be surprised when you open the package.  Also works for adults.  $75. 1-2 weeks.

    4. 100% Custom Belt:  We work with you directly to make an amazing storyline belt.  The price is high but so is the time. Some of our storyline belts take as much as 100 hours to complete, that is about 2-3 weeks of being physically at your office job, adjusting for coffee breaks.  $999.99 2-4 weeks.

    How we make custom belts.

  • NEW Women's Clutches



    Prepare yourself for amazement!  We've been talking about women's leather clutches and purses for years but our expertise wasn't there yet.  After a few rounds of prototypes and some welcome design chastisement by my friend, and fashion consultant, Kat Engh, we arrived at a very simple and functional women's clutch.  Each clutch features a zippered top, a grey cotton twill lining, and inner cell phone pocket.  In a few days you'll start to see them appear here for purchase.  Check back often; we only have one of each design produced and will be offering the first ones at an intro price of $60.

  • You Never Know Who You're Gonna Meet

    Our set up in Grand Central Terminal is just getting started. With millions of people going through there every single day, you're bound to talk to at least a few interesting people. Meet boxing champ Dr. Nikos Michalis Spanakos.  I put a few extra holes in his belt thinking he was just a nice man who needed help keeping his pants on.  Turns out he competed in Rome during the 1960 summer olympics.  He dropped his calling card and signed the back.  Best treasure of 2013 so far.


    photo (1)

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