• Our 2011 Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair

    We just got finished setting up our 2011 Grand Central Terminal Fair.  It's run by the Jones Lang LaSalle people and they do an amazing job of bringing together some of the best craft/gift/clothing/etc. designers from around the country.  We are honored to be a part of the festivities for two years in a row.

    We plan to rock the house.


  • T-shirt Preview

    Our newest T-shirt design launching in a few weeks... "Howl Training."  Isn't it adorable!!!  It will be ready in time for the holidays... be patient.

  • Uncle Scrooge's Dime

    If you're of my generation, you would have run home right after middle school to catch the latest episode of Duck Tales.  Scrooge McDuck was the wealthiest Duck in the whole world.  He loved his money and his three nephews; Hewey, Dewey and Lewey.  His greatest possession in the world was his Lucky Dime, the dime that started his fortune.

    My version of Uncle Scrooge's dime is the first belt buckle I ever made.  I made it on a first date.  You can read about the story here. Though the belt buckle doesn't have any special powers it does evoke some pretty vivid memories... hunched over a plaster mold, using a blow torch to melt some pewter pellets I got from a craft catalog.  All of it happening in my parents backyard in DC.  It was the start of everything I would pour my heart into for the next seven years.  It's been well worth it!

  • Notice things like this

    Someone close to me snapped this and I wanted to share.  I consider this more art than most graffiti I've seen.  It just makes you want to smile.  If you like this and cooking and share in the confusion of life, check out her blog here.

  • Zombie Photoshoot

    This Saturday we had out third company lifestyle photoshoot.  It involved Zombies.  Can't wait for everyone to see the final photos live on the site.  We hired a professional makeup artist to turn me and some friends into the walking dead.  And Keith and Jenna came up with an amazing concept for the shoot.  Basically I have the best friends a guy could hope for.

    Here are some shots of the day.  Stay tuned for the artistic stuff.

    Patrick with his super adorable new puppy, Humphrey.

    Out photographer, Keith Lane, being attacked by the living dead.

    Me in Zombie makeup.  I think I look pretty good dead.

    When Zombie Peggy shows up that's when the party really gets started.

    Zombie Jessica was a trooper.  She tolerated a long photo-shoot the day before running the Marine Corp Marathon.

    Zombie Katie made us an amazing squash spice something bread.  She was about to leave with the remaining bread, but I had to accost her and snatch it back.  I am still snacking on it.

    Zombie Emily played my zombie love interest.  Even zombies get down under the mistletoe (hint hint).

    Zombie Nick.  He was the only other zombie besides myself that kept his makeup on all day.

    Humphrey was such a good buddy all day.  He only had one little accident, but he's learning.  See that fancy new collar he's wearing... a FredFred dog collar original.

    In other news.... This is Dustin.  He is up in Boston braving the cold weather today running our SOWA Open Market event.  He dressed up in full costume for the show's costume contest.  We work with some amazing people!!!

  • The Best Non-Fortune Fortune Cookie

    I was a quiet kid, now I'm not a quiet kid.  I was shy, now I'm outgoing.  Myers-Briggs said I was an introvert, now I am an extrovert.  I knew who I wanted to be and I set out to be that person.  It took years and years.  Younger me would be proud, I hope.  He's in the back of my mind as a litmus test, steering the ship.

  • Family Game Night

    Today I gave my first lecture in front of a group of aspiring crafters/ small business owners.  I wasn't nervous at all.  Kinda makes growing up feel ok, especially if this kind of confidence comes with it.

    When I got home I had family game night to look forward to.  I've got some pretty awesome friends, and it's not a stretch to call them family.  Also there was a puppy and the best pumpkin beer... yummm.

    Tomorrow I give two different lectures, and I'm very excited!

    I might have borrowed this from a McDonald's, of course with every intention of returning it some day.

  • "Sitting around the house"

    Monday's are usually the day I take a break from work, meaning I only do about 20% work while watching TV and sitting around in my sexy european undies.  Today I am watching Season 2 of "Bored to Dead" and organizing my new company central harddrive.  I am aggregating and migrating 6 years of company files access 4 computers all onto one web-access harddrive.  I began to realize a few weeks ago that if something happened to me Jeff would not know where to find anything.  So I am starting to build in information systems in case I am in a coma for 20 years.

    You can't really show a cool picture of harddrive migration so here is a picture of Mumford... ewok stand-in, currently looking to start a boy-band, and big fan of the Jersey Shore.

  • Stories from the workshop

    The alley cats behind our workshop are a constant source of amusement.  One particular cat has taken to lounging on a side-turned mattress.  He is so very into that mattress that he let me get super super close to take this iphone pic.

  • IGGY'S

    There is a well known institution in Rhode Island called Iggy's Doughboys, where Iggy's sells Doughboys.  Doughboys are kinda like a doughnut, but without the hole.  Powdered sugar, chocolate, etc are all common toppings.  Seeing as I am only in Rhode Island for one more day I needed to hit up my local haunt.

    We arrived just before the storm.  OMINOUS, isn't it!

    I was a little piggy, I ordered a lobster roll, three clam cakes, a cup of New England clam chowder, and a coffee milk. Coffee Milk is only found in Rhode Island.  If you read the ingredients you quickly learn it has nothing to do with coffee, but still tastes like it.  It comes as a syrup and you mix it with milk, just like chocolate syrup, except WAY better!

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