• Mom, are we there yet?

    Having fun playing with some lenses my friend Robb let me borrow.  They make everything look dramatic and give the illusion that I know what I'm doing with my new camera.  Here's a little preview of the graphic guitar straps.  They are about half way through production.

  • The Kids Are Alright

    Our DC and NYC teams spent the day learning about our traveling setups.  Then everyone but me took a nap.  I had some graphic work to do, but I really wished I could have taken that nap.

    Then we all headed to Ted's Bulletin in Washington, DC to get some yummy burgers and milkshakes.

  • Touring Rome

    Those who held the interest of ancient Rome were often brought to the city to inspire awe.  The idea being that if the foreign powers saw the majesty of Rome they may choose to join with Rome rather than resist their rule.

    So, today we took Michael and JT around our Eastern Market stomping grounds to see where we started, and our continuing operation.

    And then we hit up the Botanical Gardens, Natural History, and Air and Space Museums.  The Air and Space Museum was my absolute favorite museum as a kid.  PEOPLE WENT INTO SPACE!!!  Also, my dad would always get me Space Ice Cream.

    Helping some diplomats take a photo outside the Botanical Gardens.

  • The Crew from NYC

    We might have closed our NYC location, but I gained some amazing employees/friends.

    This weekend Michael and JT are down from NYC to learn about our operation and prep for traveling shows this year.  They are the start of our traveling team, and the best team I could have hoped for.  These guys have been friends since the 5th grade!  Length of friendship should be a resume skill.  That kind of loyalty is rare, and something I am thankful to experience.  My best friends growing up have been as close as brothers for 21 years now!

    Michael talking to my mom about the drive down.

    JT on the left, Michael on the right.  They are the traveling face of my company now.

    Jeff showing us some tricks.

    More ally cats behind the workshop.

  • la Hospital

    Visited a friend in the hospital recently.

    We learned:

    1. It is harder than you think to blow up a latex glove over your head

    2. It is easier than you think to sneak some 'cold reserve' into the hospital

  • Healthy Living

    Guitar straps are almost done, just working on a few new graphic patterns, which means plenty of computer time.  Luckily I'm stocked up on healthy foods.

  • Appearances Can Be Deceiving

    Meet Patrick!  Patrick and I used to work together, back when I had a desk job.  We got off to a rocky start... I was deep in thought about belt and t-shirt designs when he asked me to help him get a courier for a package.  Apparently I was supposed to be doing my job.  :)

    I'm glad we started hanging out.  Through Patrick I've made a whole new mess of friends, and life keeps getting more and more interesting!

    In case you're new to the blog, I'm on the left.  We are in some serious debate about something of clear import!

    Patrick and gang are good friends so I introduced about 23 of them to Duckpin Bowling Saturday night.  We took over 5 lanes and got pretty wild.

    Why am I so addicted to this?  I think it's my highly competitive nature.  When you meet me it's definitely not the first thing that comes to mind.  I'm fairly unassuming and quiet (though less lately).  But that unassuming nature is probably why I am so competitive, I don't like being underestimated.  To me life is a little bit like a game, you're dealt some cards and then told to start playing.  The goal is to get the high score.  I only want the high score to prove something to myself and hope that with it I can do good things, and leave a better mark on the world than when I arrived.  Puppies need saving, women rights should be assured, the undeserved need a chance at a level playing field.  Building a empire is fun, but it means nothing unless the foundation is cemented properly with the right motivations and love.  Love truly does bind and heal.  Some times I have a hard time expressing it, but it's always at the forefront of my thought.

    Karma... do good, be good... golden rule... platinum rule... purpose... love.  The answer is, why not do those things.  We get one life, why not be on the good side of the force.

    There's my competitive nature popping up again.  Rest assured I can loose with the best of them, I just like to do my best.  We were near shut down time and my friends insisted I complete my frames because I was on a streak.  What a game!

  • June 8, 2006

    While writing this I'm listening to the song Memories by Weezer feat. the guys from Jackass

    I just bought a new camera for blog posting, right after I lost my new new one on a late night excursion to IHOP.  I nabbed the memory card I put in my Wii to test out the new camera and I got the most amazing surprise; I found the lost photos from my very first day I started selling at Eastern Market, the local Farmer's market in DC where I got my start.  What the heck was I wearing?  The most amazing board-shorts is what!

    And with me since the beginning has been my best friend, and now photographer, Keith Lane. He was one of the first to believe in my company.  It takes a really special person to be able to see your dream and your potential before anyone else.

  • Confessions from the Pink Velvet Couch

    The first round of guitar straps are nearly complete, and will be on the website soon.  The Pink Couch could not keep it a secret, but then the pink couch can't keep any secrets.

  • Bragging Rights

    This weekend I found myself at the H st Country Club in Washington, DC.  I was drawn in by the Skeeball.  Three dollars later and I got the highest score listed on the board.  You can't see it from the photo, but the previous high score was 650, and I dominated with a 730.  Unfortunately the entire bar was a little too drunk to notice the achievement.

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